MARCH 13, 2015

The strategies East Orange/Orange Community Development Corporation selected for this blog relate to fighting the war to “End Hunger” through nutrition, healthy eating, food preparation and ending obesity initiatives. The free Nutrition Classes and Food Pantry offered by EO/OCDC addresses these subjects and give the opportunity to our families and individuals to put these initiatives into action. Teaching our constituents about healthy choices, reaching goals and creating healthy habits is our focal point. We expect 100% impact on all of our participants. The percentage of children we reach through parent participation is 85%, the fresh produce distributed is 100%. We have recently partnered with Urban Oasis Garden which we receive fresh vegetables grown throught the winter (greenhouse) and The Community Food Bank of New Jersey to add to our distribution and to our participants. Registrationhas officially ended for our new 8-week Nutrition Classes held by Rutgers University will begin shortly and we will post pictures of those classes during the next upcoming blogs.

shaping NJ patron receives fresh produce food pantry bag                  shapingNJ2fresh greenhouse grown lettuce, organic produce and whole grains


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