Project Greenway Action Plan

Our gardens are under construction and we are busy preparing the land for the arrival of spring! In addition, we are taking a number of steps to make this project a success:

  • A school-wide assembly will be held to introduce Project Greenway. To encourage physical activity, students will walk laps around the perimeter of the school and will receive a healthy, garden based snack. A contest will be held in 5th & 6th grade Technology and each student will submit a logo design for Project Greenway. The winning selection will be used on all media relations, on all signage and will be made into a t-shirt design. T-shirts will be sold to support the project.
  • We will be meeting with a representative from Safe Routes to School to complete a School Travel Plan that will provide students with incentives for walking to and from school. The plan will help identify barriers and opportunities for infrastructure improvement around the school that facilitate bicycle and pedestrian travel, as well as guides municipality efforts in applying for the SRTS Infrastructure Grant.
  • Classroom-based lessons will include opportunities for students to learn about food/nutrition, gardening, planting and preparing, cooking and taste-testing foods. Professional Development will be provided for teachers regarding effective lessons. A mobile Cooking Cart will be available for staff members to use.
  • School-wide seed plantings will take place in classrooms, with transfer of plants to FoodCorps/Land Preservation greenhouses for spring planting in the community gardens.
  • Grade level meetings will be held to introduce and promote the NP Steppers Program. Each student will receive a chain necklace. Each time a student walks a mile (as certified by a parent or teacher), s/he will receive a charm for the necklace. In addition, each time a student participates in Walk to School Wednesday, s/he will receive a charm. Other incentives will be provided to encourage students to increase their walking- wear a hat to school, healthy lunch with the principal, healthy cooking lessons, etc.
  • Garden Dedication & Wellness Day- On Earth Day the coalition and partners will join together with the students of National Park School and community members to dedicate the Community Gardens. We will plan a Health & Wellness Day in collaboration with a wide array of allies to expose students to the many different ways to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • School district members will volunteer alongside community members to garden throughout the summer months. A weekly walking program will be offered to students to encourage being active throughout the summer.
  • Project Greenway Celebration- When students return to school in September, a school-wide assembly will be held to celebrate the accomplishments of Project Greenway.

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