Who’s your Farmer?

Sussex County YMCA on the move toward healthier families.

The Sussex Y has partnered with local Willow Brook Farm to supply our selected Y First families with fresh locally grown high quality organic produce. For over 50 years Willow Brook Farm has been planting a large family garden. Literally preparing meals directly from the garden to the table. That family garden has now grown to over 80 acres of farmed fields. The Willow Brook Farm family has been enjoying the benefits of healthy produce for many years and wishes to share the benefits with their community through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). In the eyes of Willow Brook Farm – the fresher the better!

WBF1One of our goals is to introduce healthy food options for our participating families. Being a part of a CSA is not unlike being a part of a community. Our families will be introduced to the Willow Brook farmers and tour the farm from where their produce will grow. In return for claiming a share in the farm the farmers make sure to offer their shareholders the most quality produce available. Once the crop is ready, in mid-June, the families will receive a package of produce and fruit weekly.

The Y will be supportive to the families in the CSA by sharing with them preparation ideas for their shares. This will be an important step, opening families up to alternative meal options. Breaking away from the overly processed “quick meals” they may be used to preparing. We will show how to make keep meal planning simple and how to utilize all the goodies coming from Willow Brook Farms.


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