“Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, Just Realign It”

old car's wheel “Realigning the wheel” will be our strategy not only for this project but for future projects as well. Research from prior food environmental studies has been utilized to develop tools that will increase our success rate. Although Lincoln Park is a small community, it is comprised of diverse food establishments. Our first goal is to identify the specific dining restaurants and retail food stores to survey. An in-depth knowledge of the current food environment in Lincoln Park will lead to healthier options for consumers in the future.
We want to work hand and hand with these establishments to promote healthier food choices. With knowledge and partnerships, incremental and achievable changes can occur. ShopRite’s Registered Dietitian, Allison, already has her own healthy food corner in the store. Several items in this section of the supermarket highlight healthier food items to improve consumers’ eating habits. Allison offers recipe ideas for meals that are simple, healthy and delicious. Although it’s not a big corner in ShopRite, it’s an awesome start!

Allison's Corner in ShopRite

Allison’s Corner in ShopRite

Food establishments that promote healthier, affordable food choices will help their customer base to grow. Dining establishments, with a little help from us, could identify the nutritional value of items on their menu so consumers are empowered to make healthier choices. Retail food stores could showcase healthy items in a way the shoppers can easily recognize.
The second part of our grant activity is the walking path, but let’s get this snow melted first! With our wonderful path in the mix, we want to make sure our timing is perfect before we start building. The layout for the path in Lynn Park was measured and we can finally start to purchase materials and let the Department of Public Works begin their magic. It will take approximately 2 weeks to build the walking path once we know the weather will fully cooperate. Our goal with the path is to have a desirable location and kick-off that will attract people, young and old alike. We want to encourage all residents and visitors to utilize and enjoy the path in Lynn Park. If it’s there, people will come and use it, as they should!
Lynn Park

Lynn Park


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