Motion is Necessary for Life!

“Verona In Motion” was chosen for our project because it is multifaceted. Motion is necessary for life. If we do not move we stagnate and perish. Movement can be interpreted in many ways. We can move to exercise, move to create, move toward better health habits, move to increase services, move to educate ourselves to all the outcomes of motion.

Our initial focus is on raising awareness and education with a preschool component to educate preschoolers to recognize nutritious fruits and vegetables and encourage parents to incorporate them in healthy meals, snacks and party foods. We will also be encouraging walking as an easy, accessible and inexpensive way to incorporate exercise within the daily routine. The goal is to empower the young to inspire the old. To make, “Motion” the word about town.

Children will learn what it means to Eat the Colors of the Rainbow. This will be fostered by an hour classroom presentation in each preschool in town and at story time in the Verona Library. Vegetable puppets, colorful charts and hands on craft will be presented. A healthy snacks demonstration will also be provided for children and parents.

Walking as a healthy form of exercise and complement for communication will provided through the presentation of a poetic story in coloring book format called, “Take Me For a Walk Please”. It is how a child motivates her family to walk with her, down her street, in the Township Park, on the school track and hilltop hiking path. All highlighting scenes familiar to Verona. Included will be a listing of pedestrian safety tips.

A safe routes to school map is being created which will highlight the crossing guard posts and hours of availability during the week. It will also include recreational areas, bike rack locations and bus stops. The

Maps will be displayed in Town Hall and the Verona Library. Smaller print outs will be handed out for distribution at the schools. Promotion of walking, biking and use of local recreational areas within the Township is used to encourage a wide range of opportunities for healthy motion. A, “Walk in the Park Day”, “Walk to School Day  are planned.

For those at home a series of 15 minute health films have be placed on our VTV 35 and web. An exercise video is also available at scheduled times throughout the day.

There are 5 nursery schools and one day care in town. The average classes have 15-20 students in grades pre three and pre four. A total of approximately 200 students. There are about 30 children attending the Township Library story time programs. There is a target of 230 preschool children for the nutritional and exercise piece. We will also video tape the program for our VTV for preschool viewing in the township which will far exceed the targeted numbers.


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