Verona in Motion

We were informed of the wonderful $10,000 grant for our project. After attending the, “Kick-Off Meeting”, we are excited to proceed.

Our efforts are multifaceted with a focus on, “Verona In Motion”, which includes an exercise piece, “Take Me For A Walk Please” and “Safe Routes to School”, project. Nutritionally we will target the preschool age group with a program called, “Ever Taste a Rainbow”. It stresses healthy diet and snacks which incorporates fruits and vegetables the color of the rainbow, with an actual cooking demonstration for the children/parent. The programming is geared to raise awareness in parent and child. Through education, demonstrations, visual aids and use of social media we hope to present simple ways to foster good nutrition and exercise, while empowering children to engage family members.

Connie Pifher will be leading the project with assistants Erica Abbruzzese and intern Ashley Eagan. Steve Neale is IT staff participant.

It is our intension to gain the cooperation of the preschools and day care facility in town to adopt healthy nutritional policies regarding meals and snacks and to incorporate a nutritional and exercise piece into their curriculum.

Verona covers 2.5 square miles with neighborhood schools located within the four quadrants of town and the Middle School located in the center. Students can easily walk or bike to school. At the present time this does not happen. The, “Safe routes To School” aspect of our project is intended to promote walking within the community, especially to school. A township map will be designed to depict the crossing guard stations and times of availability. It will also include bike rack locations within the township. Additionally areas of exercise availability (ie. Hiking trails, walking paths, recreational locations) will also be marked on the map.


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