Bloomfield Health and Human Services is excited to announce the health initiatives being

Bloomfield Health and Human Services team in action.

Bloomfield Health and Human Services team in action.

lead for the 2015 ShapingNJ grant cycle.  First, there is the health store initiative.  The idea is to target stores that are close to the public elementary schools in Bloomfield in the hopes of encouraging youngsters to purchase healthier snacking options. Initially, we plan to present our ideas to four stores, then depending on their interest, there will be two lucky stores chosen.  They will be required to offer two healthier options to their patrons and in return will receive marketing materials, displays, and other incentives throughout the year. What healthy snacks would your child approve of? How can these options be made more desirable for our youngsters?

For the second, we will complete the installation of bike racks throughout key locations in Bloomfield, to encourage more bike riding among the residents.  For this initiative we plan to work with the Bloomfield Recreation Department, School Principals, and the Board of Education. Let’s dust off our bikes, get our helmets on and take a bike ride!

Finally, we have the “Take the Stairs” initiative, which is being implemented exclusively in Bloomfield Township’s municipal building.  Our goal is to spruce up and decorate the stair wells of the municipal building to encourage employees and residents to use the stairs rather than the elevator.  We wanted to purchase artwork which reflects Bloomfield’s unique cultural and natural history to place in the stairwells as an incentive to take the stairs.  Strategically placed posters in key decision locations in the building will serve to advertise this initiative.  We will now have great scenery to look at while walking up and down the stairs! In addition, we will launch a campaign and consistently communicate with employees to increase employees’ motivation to participate. Take the stairs and increase your daily physical activity with little notice!

We want a healthy community! Feel free to give us your input and engage yourself in this campaign towards a more active and healthy lifestyle. Help us make the healthy choice the easy choice Bloomfield!


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