Shaping Red Bank is comprised of a number of community organizations and groups. The Borough of Red Bank, Community YMCA, Shaping Red Bank Coalition, Red Bank Mayors Wellness Campaign, JBJ Soul Kitchen Foundation and the Monmouth County Regional Health Commission all participated in this grant.  For the physical activity portion, we are planned on expanding the community walking paths in Red Bank.  We worked with the Department of Recreation and the Department of Public Works to expand mapping, signage and route designation by use of maps provided in both digitally and in printed form.  We were unable to produce the signage or the mapping but we have worked with the Community YMCA to provide a limited number of one month family memberships to the families of students who participated in healthy cooking classes held by the JBJ Soul Kitchen and as prizes for the upcoming Family Fun Night in Red Bank Borough.

The Red Bank Mayors Wellness Campaign had health screenings for the employees and has hosted an outdoors Yoga class since April. Facebook and the municipal website will be used to highlight activities.

In partnership with the Community YMCA, we worked with the JBJ Soul Kitchen to educate and inform school aged children from Red Bank High School about healthy for choices and offer discounted coupons to participate in exercise classes at the Community YMCA.

Red Bank currently has a Farmer’s Market in the Spring and Fall. The market is privately run and operated.  Our goal is to encourage and promote access to this market and to encourage healthy and affordable food choices at this market.  We were not able to partner with them this year but our talks with the management of the Farmers Market are encouraging and they will be incorporated into our next grant.  We want to encourage vendors to accept SNAPS/food stamps.

The Red Bank Mayors Wellness Campaign, Shaping Red Bank, the Red Bank Department of Recreation, Soul Kitchen and the Community YMCA all have a diverse and positive working relationship. This coalition have been very successful in their collaborations and completed community projects. We have committed partners who will move Shaping Red Bank forward to the next steps in helping to provide the environment and support tor a healthier community.



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