Fall Back Into Fitness~

As the warm summer air disappears and the schools busses flood the streets, children and families are preparing for an exciting new school year! As the school year begins, we are thrilled to see our implementation of the CATCH curriculum is now in full force throughout the entire St. Aloysius School. The Y staff was so excited to pass the torch to the St. Aloysius team this September. We were thrilled to have built such a wonderful relationship with the school, students and families in Jackson this year. St. Aloysius is prepared to implement the CATCH curriculum during the school day, throughout their gym and health classes. More students will be given the tools to make healthier eating choices and engage in healthier lives through the CATCH curriculum. Our Y team will continue to offer our ZUMBA classes throughout the school year, as the students, staff and Y team have had so much fun, dancing through fitness. The school has begun to create a Wellness Committee that will engage their students, teachers, administration and parents in making wiser, healthier decisions with regards to their own wellness for years to come! So many new and creative ideas have sprung into action after our budding relationship with the Y and St. Aloysius School. They are looking forward to creating a garden in their courtyard, Zumbathon’s and Family Fun Day’s at the Y!!!! It has been a create collaboration, and the Y is looking forward to working together for a healthier, fit and FUN future!



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