Participant Statistics and Fine Weather Fun

In August we decided to learn a little more about the people we are helping. We developed and small survey which we handed out one Saturday before we let the group jump in and grab their fruits, vegetables and breads.
The results reflected the average age of participants to be 28 years old (this does not include children), the average family size is 3.9, and the average annual income for a family is between $10,000 and $20,000.
Additionally, our results reflected that families felt they saved on average about $39.00 per week when utilizing of our bread and produce distribution program. Most families attend weekly. The data collected will be used to develop and implement programs and services that will be beneficial to the population we are serving.

This August we took advantage of the fantastic weather and offered some fun activities for children outside. One of our volunteers stepped this month stepped up to do fitness fun activities and games with the children that attend the weekly distribution program. They did everything from simple calisthenics to school recess games. It was fun and easy for all.
photo 2 b

photo 3

photo 3 a
This September we are looking to expand our program beyond just Saturday distribution at the Flemington Baptist Church. We will be contacting other local churches to build new relationships and hopefully expand our outreach.


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