Enjoying Nature’s Bounty!

The Morris County Cooperative Garden continues to produce great veggies for our garden workers and their agencies. String beans, three kinds of peppers (including devils tongue), mint, and soon, tomatoes, are going home in brown bags! These fresh garden vegetables and herbs will be used for delicious new and standard recipes. We have shared recipes for Swiss chard and basil – the usual pizza and salad, but also soups and main dishes. Pollinators have been busy at the garden too! We’ve seen caterpillars, bees, small frogs, and other friendly visitors. Unfortunately, we may also have been visited by a basil blight that we hear is making the rounds. We’ve managed to harvest lots of leaves from the plants before this problem set in so it is a lesson  learned.

Pollinators have been bizzzzy!Garden in bloom

A recent press release put out by our partner agency, Homeless Solutions, included a quote from one of the young participants – 13 year old Brandon said “I love going to the garden because it makes me feel happy. If you go there, you might just feel a little bit better about yourself…There are many different kinds of vegetables growing and they all have a nice, sweet smell to them.” And that’s what the Cooperative Garden of Morris County is all about!


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