Sussex County YMCA After School Program -Healthy Start to a New School Year

The Sussex County YMCA is dedicated to Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. Through our efforts to help communities stay healthy and strong, the Sussex County YMCA is assisting in a program to teach local children more about healthy living.
Through a generous grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids, our Y was able to purchase new equipment for the Franklin Borough Elementary School to supplement their “CATCH” and “Healthy U” programs.
Students in the Franklin Borough School are excited to be back at school using the new equipment purchased through the grant. Some of the new equipment consists of hockey sets, safety goggles, kick balls, scooters, hoops, frisbees, ping pong equipment, climbing rope, jump ropes, cones and more. Physical Education teachers, Y staff, and the School’s Health Counsel are working together to use the new equipment in line with the parameters of the Healthy U and CATCH program. All activities and equipment are used to reinforce participation of all children in a non-competitive environment with non-elimination games.
In addition to being physically active, children in the Y afterschool care program have been learning about healthy nutrition. Supplemental nutrition materials and healthy snacks have been purchased through the grant in order to help educate children about healthy eating habits. Children are being exposed to a wider variety of fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Children have also been learning about portion control as well as “calories in and calories out.”
Students are also gearing up for the Healthy U Kick-Off in early October. They will be creating colorful displays and bulletin boards throughout the school and sharing information about the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating. Children will also recommit by signing the Healthy U pledge and promise to continue to eat healthy and to stay active each day.


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