Healthy Vending Project – Recap


To implement policy and environmental changes to decrease and prevent obesity in communities. The healthy vending policy will give wide variety of healthy food options in public schools and buildings to both children and adults.



  • As of 2013, it has been reported that 27.1% of the adults in the U.S. are obese.
  • The lack of healthy food options makes it difficult for people to make the right choices.
  • Vending machines are easily accessible to any age group in public schools, libraries, gym, and other public buildings.
  • No specific guidelines to vending product nutritional standards
  • The “empty calorie” snacks and beverages are major contributors to obesity and unhealthy eating habits.



  1. Healthy Eating Habits Promoted
    • Provide students and employees with healthy snack and beverage choices
  2. All snacks and beverages will meet or exceed nutritional standard mandated by the government and school nutrition
  3. Low priced snacks
    • Encourage people of all socioeconomic status
  4. Spread of Obesity Awareness in Community
  • Successful promotion and marketing strategies



On the business side, the vending company’s feedbacks and revenue fluctuation will evaluate the healthy vending policy.   Traditional vending companies are hesitant to change as they say the “junk” sells.  At the Raritan Valley YMCA we have found that most parents of young are happy with healthier vending options.  Only healthy vending does not seem to deter children from using the vending machine.  The healthy products may have different cost options making for tougher sell as well as expiration dates.  Vending products are also limited to the type of machine.  The healthy beverage list is very limited and thus allows for few choices which can result in decreased sales.   More research needs to be done in outside venues to track changes.  More community work needs to be done to advocate for healthier vending.




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