We SHAPED Perth Amboy in 2014!

Children’s Community Garden: We all know the saying “What a difference a day makes.” Well I must say “What a difference a garden makes!” Over the summer we had children volunteer to keep up with our Children’s Community Garden. The Children came faithfully every day at 4:00 in the afternoon, and at times they would bring their friends as well. They watered, pull weeds, and pick vegetables and herbs. Afterwards, the children took vegetables and herbs home. They were given projects to do at home, like making a salad with all the vegetables they were given and to write down the recipe. Witnessing their expressions, to hear and see our members support when the children were in the garden was a great reward. A volunteer wrote a letter saying “Thank you for allowing us to eat”.

This year the Farmers Market has grown and continues to be an affordable access to healthy choices. We’ve had requests to stay open later and to have a farmer’s market on Saturdays. We will consider these requests for next year’s season. Our Farmer’s Market will remain open until October 28th.

On September 27th the YMCA will host its last play streets of the year. Play streets is going out with a big bang. We added fitness challenges such as a jump rope mania. Where kids and families have a chance to jump, jump and jump and beat out the time. Also we added two new obstacles to challenge kids of all ages. Involving kids and families in recreational activities in the previous Play Streets was our goal and we have exceeded it… What a wonderful year of Play Streets!





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