Fitness and Foliage


The summer season officially ends in a couple weeks and your vacation time may be over as well. Fear not, the beautiful fall weather is right around the corner and this provides everyone a great opportunity for outdoor physical activity.

The fall setting at DeHart Park provides a beautiful backdrop, which enhances the overall feeling during workouts while using our brand-new fitness equipment.  With the change of seasons, comes a renewed time to rethink and restart. Even when your hectic life returns, it’s even more important to plan for exercise.  The ‘Trail to Wellness’ at DeHart Park is open and available for all residents who wish to take a more proactive approach to exercise on their own schedule. However, it is up to you to provide the commitment and the consistency.

From the beginning, this project was started: to encourage vigorous activity; for all residents young and old to enjoy; to provide additional fitness options at DeHart Park; for residents to get a complete workout at their own leisure; to combat obesity and chronic disease risks and improve upon overall health and well-being of our residents; and to spur interest and educate the public about stretching and exercise.

Every day the new fitness equipment is used at DeHart Park and people are now enjoying the ‘Trail of Wellness more than ever.’  Maplewood has taken an initiative to educate and inspire their residents to live a healthier life.  Residents are now happier to call Maplewood ‘home.’


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