Students HIKE the Trail

Historic Site

Historic Site with H.I.K.E. rs from East Orange

East Orange may not be at the foot hills of the Appalachian Trails. We may not be in the Smokey Mountains, but we have our very own Trail. We have the East Orange Historic trail. This is a Historic trail around the city of East Orange that residents can H.I.K.E. (Healthy Initiative to Keep Exercising). We currently have ten sites around the city that have been identified as Historic sites. One of which is now the East Orange Court House, once the main library which opened in 1903 thanks to a generous donation by Andrew Carnegie. Another shown in the photo is Elmwood Park. In 1917 a gentleman, Alden Freeman, began developing the park in memory of his father, Joel Francis Freeman. The park was designed by nationally acclaimed landscape architect and park designer Fredrick Law Olmstead Jr.
Our residents can get their exercise and learn about the history of this great city as they walk the Trail.


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