Learn to Swim Program at Plainfield Area YMCA!

Two hundred grade school children from six different elementary schools participated in our learn to swim program this winter and spring. The success of the program centered around cooperation from the board of education and parental education and support. This is the second year of our Shaping NJ grant we have taught over 800 children how to swim.

That’s 800 children who will

  • Not drown at a local pool, amusement part our public beach
  • Have a lifelong skill they can use for exercise and recreation
  • Begin a positive cycle of next generation also learning how to swim
  • Help create a safer and healthier community
  • Develop self confidence to take on other life challenges and skills


Our YMCA is committed to providing healthy physical activities to our young people before they develop serious life-long health problems that accompany obesity, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, asthma and depression. Young people need to learn to become comfortable in the water and learn to swim to protect themselves from the ever-present danger of drowning. Swimming relieves stress, improves mood, and is a recreational activity that young people enjoy.  Through swimming young people develop self awareness and self confidence, reinforcing lessons taught throughout YMCA activities. Developing these attributes is important to young people growing up in challenging environments, where belief in yourself can keep you away from gangs, drugs and other pervasive threats.


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