Cucumbers are coming!

Cucumbers are Coming!

Zesty Zucchini!

Zesty Zucchini!



We recently had two volunteers helping at the garden, a young man visiting with his mom. We heard that when he returned from the garden, he could not stop talking about the frog he saw! It made us realize the garden is not just about growing and eating – it’s about nature and fun discoveries! Our volunteer groups are so dedicated. They come regularly to water, weed, and harvest. So far we have very small harvests – just a few squash and peppers. The basil is a bit overwhelming but we are sharing recipes for pesto, pizza, and Caprese salad. The Swiss chard will be ready any day now. Any suggestions for what to do with it? Tomatoes and more squash will come soon as well. Our pineapple and chocolate mint plants can be trimmed – we are also looking for recipes for these herbs. Our coordinator, Jessica, has been researching garden care and is doing a great job keeping us up to date with maintenance, as well as methods to keep the critters away. Our patio furniture has been purchased and will provide a place for a bit of rest for our busy volunteers, as well as a spot for quick meetings. We recently received a grant from Land O’ Lakes Foundation and are so thankful for the many companies that are community minded and are helping us share healthy food with our non-profits. Shaping NJ grants have truly been the foundation for this great project!


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