A Healthier Perth Amboy!

Our last Play Streets at Sadowski Parkway in Perth Amboy was a success! The children and families who attended participated in every activity we offered from tennis, beach football, beach soccer, dancing and the bouncy house. We are achieving our goal of keeping children and families active during the summer months. We look forward to our next Play Streets at the end of August, and continuing to see the impact that Play Streets has in our community.

Our Children’s Community Garden… How exciting it has been watching children and young people water the vegetables, pick them, make a fresh salad at the Y and/or take them home with them. Also, our 2 week Cooking Camp learned about the garden and had a chance to pick and take home vegetables. They were able to use the fresh tomatoes and cucumbers for a salad to share with members and staff at The Y.

The following is a story of the impact of the Children’s Garden: Two young girls were walking by the garden and saw we were picking some beans, cucumbers, and some herbs. They asked if they could help pick the vegetables and herbs, afterwards we gave the girls some of the freshly picked vegetables and herbs to take home. The following day the girls came back and said their mom used all the vegetables and herbs for their dinner that night. Our Community Garden has been a great addition to the community and the Farmer’s Market.


cooking camp


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