New Ally for Raritan Valley YMCA!

With the help of Tab Chunkuta at St. Peter’s University Hospital, we have connected with a new important ally: Dr. Meena Murthy, Chief of Endocrinology for the Thyroid and Diabetes Center at St. Peter’s University Hospital.  Dr. Murthy has agreed to help market and host an education session this fall at a St. Peter’s Hospital location that will bring recognition to the youth obesity problem in New Brunswick, especially among those who have limited access to services.  The marketing efforts and session with Dr. Murthy will then direct families to participate in the Y’s diabetes prevention program at the YMCA for free.  Also agency contacts, back to school nights and school nurses will be used to solicit families also help to recruit students with pre-diabetic tendencies this fall.   Dr. Murthy has also agreed to promote the event through her affiliations. We are opening important channels of communication with hospital administration and the general public that will direct families in need to the YMCA.  In our work, we have found that most families will not address their health and exercise issues on their own so this is an important bridge to accomplishing YMCA goals. Combating the obesity crisis as well as disparities in access to recreation facility to those without economic means is part of these Y goals.   Dr. Murthi speaks on teaching self-health management, educating on managing behaviors and changing them to improve health.  She is a believer in education and prevention to keep people well and healthcare costs low.

Hear Dr. Murthy speak at:


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