Shaping Bergen is spending the summer months preparing for the return of students in  September.  Installation of equipment for the new, fully accessible, outdoor fitness circuit should begin shortly on the Bergen Tech High School (BCTS) and the Bergen County Special Services (BCSS) Paramus Campus.  The location of the fitness circuit, halfway between the BCTS and BCSS school buildings, encourages daily use by students in both school districts.

The new, eight-station fitness circuit includes a ski walker, chest press/Lat pull, dual exercise bars, a leg press, pommel horse, self-weighted rower, a two-sided rotator, and a tai chi spinner. Each station was selected because it can be used by BCTS Paramus high school students, by physically challenged students from the BCSS Bleshman School and by students with varying degrees of Autism who attend the BCSS Montesano School.

When school starts, redesigned physical education curriculum will prepare BCTS Paramus students, many of whom are challenged by some form of learning disability, to use the equipment correctly and effectively.  New PE curriculum also teaches students how to use this equipment to help students younger than themselves from the BCSS Bleshman and Montesano schools to also use the new stations.

A ribbon cutting ceremony, hosted by students from both campuses will announce the new fitness circuit, to the school and general community.  This event also promotes the start-up of the 2015 BCTS/BCSS student healthy choices/vending machine community awareness project, which is anticipated to begin in October.



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