Peace, Love, and Yoga



b61When you think of Summer Camp, you probably have something in mind such as children playing outside, sunny days, popsicles, and sprinklers. Pretty close, right? Well now paint this picture… children ranging from grades Kindergarten to Sixth grade enjoying a session of Yoga inside, sitting/posing peacefully while tranquil music plays. Not your average thought of Summer Camp, right?

Eatontown Community Center’s full day, eight week, Summer Camp decided to mix it up this year! The results? AMAZING! When putting together the Summer Camp calendar of events in early Spring, a few more active, fitness related programs were thrown into the mix. The initial suggestion of Yoga had mixed reviews. What if the children do not like it? What if they have trouble sitting still? What if they get bored? What if it is too hard? Putting all fears aside, the Eatontown Community Center decided to go for it and hired a certified Yoga instructor to teach classes throughout the eight week program.

Campers were introduced to a beginner’s yoga with tranquil music, peaceful lighting, and an instructor who showed Yoga can be fun and is great for your health! The instructor began class with more kid friendly poses in which she related them to animals and bugs. She mentioned that Yoga is fun and can be an awesome workout. In fact, anyone from NBA players to pro golfers practice Yoga to better their health or to optimize their skills. All fears were put aside as campers sat still, stayed attentive and engaged, and best of all left the first class eager to know when the next class would be!

Sometimes taking risks with programs is very much worth the reward. And even if we do not have future yogis on our hands, at least a new form of fitness has been introduced to these children that will be carried through the rest of their lives.


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