Trying New Things


Gardengarden club

Our new programs in our Summer Day Camp have brought a lot of excitement to our facility.  Our campers are thrilled to be growing their own fruits and vegetables in Garden Club.  They have also expanded their garden by adding an additional plot to the community garden.  Being able to grow their own food has really encouraged the kids to try new foods and be able experience something different.  We’ve seen what impact Garden Club has made on the campers during one of weeks of camp.  During International Week our campers in garden club seemed to be going around and tasting more foods from other cultures than they did in the past.  They are definitely open to trying more things now.

The Walking Club has been walking their way to Wildwood the past couple weeks.  In order to encourage the kids to be a part of walking club we thought about what kind of incentive we could give to them to encourage the physical activity.  Why not give them a trip down the shore? We would give them the challenge to walk the distance from Woodbury to Wildwood and back.  We calculated how far Wildwood is and provided each camper with a pedometer to track their steps.  In order to reach the goal of 143 miles, we have added each campers’ steps all together to reach our final goal.  We can already tell how excited our campers are to be walking the distance to Wildwood and hope it encourages them to want to walk or exercise more often and feel good about themselves.

These programs have made a great impact on our facility and on our Summer Day Camp and we are excited to start our swimming program in the fall with the Woodbury School District.


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