Giving Back – Recipients Help Out

It’s been a busy summer for our produce distribution program.

In addition to our weekly produce distribution families were asked to volunteer their time at America’s Grow a Row.  This was a great time for all.  Children, families and individuals that enjoy the weekly produce gathered to help out at the farm.  They helped pick box after box of fresh green beans.  It was a wonderful opportunity to come full circle.  Children and families could see where the fresh produce comes from each week along with giving back to the community.  It was an all-around positive experience for all.

For our special event Saturday event the children that attend the produce distribution program with the parents were introduced to traditional yard games that are played and parties and picnics.  Games included a ring toss, tin can pyramid knock down game, hop scotch, sack races and more.

We also choose to piggy back on our June 14th aquatic safety clinic with a trip to the YMCA for an on deck in the pool water safety class.  The June 14th activity was held at the produce distribution site at the Flemington Baptist.  We felt it would be more beneficial to have the children and parents experience the water safety clinic at the pool.  We had a terrific turn out of over 18 participants.

Produce distribution keeps moving along with regular attendees and the occasional new face.  On average we see 30 to 40 people each weekend that gratefully take advantage of our produce distribution.

Contact Kristen Heimall at Hunterdon County YMCA for more information

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