Complete Streets moving forward!

Complete Streets of Cumberland County

Complete Streets Policy
“Complete Streets” leaders met with the community benefits planning committee, which includes the Cumberland, Salem, & the Gloucester County Health & Wellness Alliance at Inspira Hospital ( in Vineland, NJ. This alliance gathers quarterly to talk about many of their upcoming projects, progress they have made thus far, and implementation strategies for the future.
Timeline of events:
June 10, 2014- Conducted an informational meeting with Cumberland County Health Officer Megan Sheppard for Cumberland County Planning Board and Millville City Commissioners. Great dialog and next steps were the outcomes of the meeting.
July 1, 2014- Complete Streets Presentations were given to the Millville City Commissioners- The Complete Streets Presenters were: Darrin Anderson: NJHK- Deputy Director, Megan Sheppard: Cumberland County Health Officer, Emma Lopez: Health Educator-City of Vineland and Lisa Scheetz: COO- Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA.
July 14, 2014- Complete Streets Presentations were given to Bridgeton City Commissioners- The…

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