Gardens Growing in Camden

Camden Community Charter is in the process of adopting its wellness policy. They are reviewing the wellness policy adopted in one of its affiliate schools in Chester, PA and are making revisions to certain sections of the policy. One of its new components to add is a Farm to School Program. Due to the school’s inability to build a garden, they have explored alternate ways to grow produce. We’ve been introduced to a mobile edible garden unit by Green Living Technologies. It is an indoor/outdoor, portable garden unit laboratory for use in schools, classrooms or rooftops. Meetings with their food service provider, Aramark, will begin in August to discuss how produce and herbs, once harvested, can be introduced and served in the cafeterias or classrooms. Urban Promise Ministries has seen much growth in its urban garden this summer. Its new food service department is currently preparing for the upcoming school year with plans to incorporate as much produce and herbs from the garden as they can. Students can look forward to having taste tests and new ingredients fresh from their garden come September! We also plan to explore ways to celebrate Farm to School month in October! In addition, the Wellness Committee has finalized its school wellness strategy (policy) and is ready to present to leadership.

camden garden

Urban Promise Garden







Salad Party for summer camp students at Urban Promise!

Salad Party for summer camp students at Urban Promise!


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