Prayer Walk-Taste Of Missions


  We gathered at a park in center city on Sunday morning as part of our Taste Of Missions with the intention of living in community with the surrounding families. While we focused our prayers on partnering with God and the Holy Spirit to be alive in this neighborhood and bring safety and peace to everyone, there was a free soccer clinic going on as well. I don’t know how many workers to neighbors there were but I do know that friendships were made,  trust was earned,  fun was had and Jesus was revealed. These neighbors came out for the fun even though it’s a neighborhood known for sleeping in on Sunday morning. As we walked around the 2 mile loop surrounding the neighborhood we met new neighbors and invited them to the 3 upcoming Camp Grace dates. Camp Grace #1 will take place in the exact location of the Soccer Clinic with the use of the school that shares the property.  Camp Grace #2 will be in the nearby city of Millville and Camp Grace #3 will be at the LFA Church offices in Vineland.

Some members of this church have had their own community time inviting the neighboring children to garden in a community garden,  join them for dinner and even craft times.


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