Thank you to our garden friends for donations of plants and to our volunteers who planted in the heat and humidity. Jessica, Brian, and Armon came from our partner agencies and Oksana Kochurova came form Morgan Stanley to help plant. Interfaith Food Pantry and the Frelinghuysen Arboretum donated some seedlings. We have tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, herbs, (including chocolate mint and pineapple mint), string beans, and basil – boy, do we have basil! Our shed is filling up and we are installing ground netting to keep the critters out. Our accessible beds have been delivered and they are filled with plants as well. We are waiting for the Park Commission crew to have time to put crushed stone on top of the larger stones currently in place so that we have an accessible garden for wheelchairs. More good news – we received a grant from Merck Co. for garden support! We will buy more supplies, a patio set for meetings, and a couple of benches. We might also be in line for an Eagle Scout project for plantings outside the garden, to hide some of the bright white plastic fence and make the area more presentable and natural. Although we were late getting the plants in the ground, we are thankful that they seem to be flourishing!

One of our first vegetables!

One of our first vegetables!


And one of the first fruits!

And one of the first fruits!



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