Let’s Expand To Reduce Expansion!!!

With the community’s increased interest in reducing the expansion of children’s waistlines, the YMCA of Paterson has decided to expand our weekend CATCH activities provided to our Inter-faith community to the Paterson children attending our Summer Camp Program. 125 Paterson youth will attend our facility from July 7th to August 22nd and participate in several activities such as CATCH, martial arts, swimming, and educational classes.

While the kids enjoyed their first week of freedom from teachers and books, the YMCA of Paterson Summer Camp and their counselors participated in orientations, workshops, and trainings. One of the trainings provided was that of ensuring that their groups of children will participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least three of their activity sessions every week during the summer months. The counselors jumped, danced, and ran through activities, having a taste of the fun that the kids will share with each other. If the counselors had a blast, the children are guaranteed to have a great time while they keep their waistlines from expanding!!!


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