Excess Fruits and Veggies – Time to Share

As soon as the weather improved we switched gears from being indoors at the Flemington Baptist Church to outside again, distributing fresh produce to our most needy families in the Flemington area. We are very grateful that the Church allows us use of the kitchen and dining room / multi-purpose space when the weather is not favorable, but being outside brings a different feeling to the program.  The kids like to run around and have fun and parents enjoy walking to the church with their strollers.  The overall feeling is simply more jovial.

This month we had some left over produce after produce distribution.  With the early vegetables popping out we had an excess of produce which allowed us to take left overs to the local food pantry.  It is rare that we have anything left over, but a good problem to have.

In addition to our weekly vegetable distribution we offered a swim safety awareness program.  The aquatic safety class was a hoot.  As you can imagine our aquatic staff don’t get out of the pool area very often so they thoroughly enjoyed coming out to the produce distribution program to teach aquatic safety.

Contact Kristen Heimall at Hunterdon County YMCA for more information kheimall@hycma.com


July Post - Outside July Post - Swim Safety


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