Growing Experience


As we continued to strategize for our fall plans, we started to think about right now….         How can we impact the kids that are attending our Summer Camp? These kids are at our facility 5 days a week from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We put our heads together and brainstormed ideas on how we can make their camp experience different from what they’ve experienced in other years.

Other than the regular camp activities, we thought about what we could do to enrich their skills on learning, responsibility and nurturing… and we came up with a community garden for the campers! The location of the garden will be where the kids are picked up and dropped off every day, so that they and their parents can see the progress each day. The campers will also be able to show their creativity by crafting their own banners and signs to differentiate the camp groups. We are hopeful that the garden will teach them responsibility, nurturing and development.

From planting to exercising, we branched off and started to think of other ideas to benefit the campers.  We are approaching the idea of a walking club for those in the extended day camp program.  For that extra hour, we want to create a group of campers who keep track of their steps during the week with pedometers and encourage them to walk more in order to stay healthy and fit.

By staying healthy this summer, we are working on ways for campers to receive water safety presentations during pool time to learn about the safest ways to act around water.  We want to encourage safe and healthy behaviors during camp season and hope these activities promote healthy living and continue into the school year.


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