The New Future

Our last event on April 11th 2014, left a lasting impression, not only on the students who were there, but also the students and teachers with whom they shared their stories with. We joined the special needs students for their annual ROLL-a-Thon, all students worked together in a variety of activities such as bike riding, volley ball, baseball and dancing. The event ended with a BBQ. Pictures were posted throughout the school which also had many students curious on what we were doing there.  Many students are looking so forward to next year when we will be doing many events together along with the fitness center. We will work on the fitness center together and we will also get together for nutrition projects. This partnership between our school community is going to be our new future!! It is so exciting to see these students working together in such harmony. We are now in the process of ordering our equipment, we’re looking so forward to working these special needs students next school year.


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