Ready to Grow: Plants are in at the Hamilton Community Garden


After months of uncooperative weather, several organized working days and several unorganized work days at the Hamilton Memorial United Methodist Church the community garden project was at a point where enough work had been done to be able to plant in the garden beds. Amidst necessary work to the irrigation system, community partners and volunteers were able to come together for a “Planning and Planting” day Thursday, May 29, 2014.

While some of the beds were still under construction due to a hold up with the irrigation, at least 10 of the beds had been filled with soil and topped off with a variety of veggies. Several members from the church, garden stewards from the Richard Stockton College and additional community partners totaled an approximate 20 people in attendance for the planning and planting. On the Friday evening following, a student group, led by two local artists began work on the mural slated to enhance the garden site along a back wall. This will be a great compliment to the garden. At the end of the planting a small team assembled to discuss the development of a programming and maintenance schedule for gardening participants.

Though it is exciting to get plants in the garden beds there is still more work to be done. So what is next? Volunteers from the NJ Carpenter’s Union, Local #255 from Atlantic City will continue to assist the project be completing an amphitheater and pergolas for shade. The carpenter’s efforts have been greatly appreciated thus far. With their help a wall along one side of the garden for security and vertical gardening was constructed. Additional community partners will assist in concrete work, brick pavers for sidewalks, as well as the construction of the physical activity equipment that is intended for the garden area. Back to work! The construction of the Hamilton Community Garden, the rebuilding of a great garden following Super Storm Sandy in 2012, would not be possible without the many helping hands of our community partners. Much thanks…


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