Raritan Valley YMCA spreading fitness center access on all fronts

Having completed our healthy vending guide we are now focused on its distribution to schools, centers, hospitals and public and private institutions that have vending machines.  We also have a goal to educate vending companies. To view a copy of our vending guide, visit RaritanValleyYMCA.org (look under “Handbooks” at the bottom of the homepage).  Do you have any experiences or questions you’d like to share regarding healthy vending?

Our second initiative has been to provide access to fitness programs and facilities to those suffering with chronic illness, especially diabetes.  We hope to accomplish this through joint use agreements, and are currently exploring a partnership with St. Peter’s Hospital in New Brunswick.

Providing fitness access to those in need is a process with more variables than you might expect. For example, one of our immediate challenges is transportation.  Offering YMCA access is great, but not very useful if the people who need it most cannot get there!  Stay tuned for more news about our efforts to help community members get what they need… and also, WHERE they need.


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