Timing is Key

When planning a program one of the challenges can be getting the timing right.  Our biggest conflict as of now would be when do we run this program?  Do we start at the very beginning of the school year? Do we wait a couple weeks for the kids to adjust with new schedules? How do we fit this new program in with our regular scheduled programs without having a major issue?

These are a couple of the issues we are faced with before moving forward in our planning.  We not only have to work with our already full YMCA aquatics schedule, but we have to work with the Woodbury school district schedule as well.  This is a very exciting planning process, along with a challenging process… but without a challenge it wouldn’t be fun.  We are extremely pleased with the opportunity of receiving the grant and being able to create this aquatic program for young students to create a higher awareness of water safety.

Once all the dates are set, the rest of the planning should go smoothly.  The program will help improve the children’s water safety in the area and will be extremely beneficial to the community.

Within the next couple of meetings, we are hoping to lock down a set time frame for this program.  We want to be able to get information out to families as soon as possible, so they can plan ahead for their children to attend our program.



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