Taste Of Mission “Prayer Walk”

Selinette ( Healthy Faith Base Champion) met with Diego Cuartas, the Living Faith Alliance Church Migrant Worker/Healing and Restoration Pastor. 

They discussed moving the Prayer Walk to a different part of the city. The new locations will be around the Sabater School in Vineland, a church in Millville and the LFAC office. 

We decided to reach out in prayer during specific dates and a focused area of prayer during the summer camp, “Camp Grace”.

The kick off date for this new location and group of people will be June 29 which is our Taste Of Mission Sunday during the “World Cup Soccer Clinic”.  This will be held at Sabater and is being put on by LFAC from 9:30a-12-30p. This is a clinic geared toward families and K-5 based on the 2013-2014 school year. This is a FREE clinic.

The Prayer Walk is from 9:30-10:30am. At that time, we (the prayer group) will walk a 2 mile loop in the surrounding neighborhood. The goal is to invite 26 others to alternate leading a prayer walk during the weeks leading to Camp Grace and everyday (5 days a week for 3 weeks) during the camp.

Diego and Selinette are considering inviting the LFAC Pastorates to lead a few as well. Diego created a group on the church’s CBC  for me entitled “Prayer Walk” with names of prospects and naming me, Selinette Bordoy, as the group leader.

Sign-ups for the Taste Of Mission “Prayer Walk” will be held at Cumberland Christian School on June 22 during the 1st (9a) and 2nd (11a) Celebration Sunday Services.

LFAC will create a flyer and will provide the promos.






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