Out Staff Team Learns More About Outreach Programs

All is moving along well as we enter into the summer season.  Everyone is anxious to be outside again for the distribution program and activities.

During the month of May the children we introduced to a Zumba class.  The best part of the class was not the fabulous move that the instructor taught, but the extraordinary dance move that the children were able to share with the instructor.  It was obvious very quickly that the students were not shy about breaking out their moves.  I think we even saw a few Michael Jackson moves.  I’m not sure if those are official Zumba moves, but it really all about the fun and they didn’t miss a beat.

We are also excited to share that on Sunday, May 4th we hosted an ALL STAFF meeting with nearly 300 employees in attendance.  The highlight of the entire meeting was our Social Responsibility gallery walk (where we highlight the produce distribution program).  It was modeled after the Gary Graham Social Responsibility conference held earlier this year.  As you can imagine being a large organization leaves room for people to miss out on the great programs and services being offered.  The gallery walk was a huge success people were so pleased to be able to meet with people from other department and see and hear about their awesome programs.  It was a great energizer for all the staff.  People walked away feeling a great sense of pride in our Y.

For more information, contact Kristen Heimall at Hunterdon County YMCA.  kheimall@hcymca.com


June Post - Zumba 2 June Post - Zumba


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