Asbury Park: Skating to Fitness!

Bradley School 4th graders learn to roller skate

Bradley School 4th graders learn to roller skate

Monmouth County Health Department is funding three weeks of roller skating for the elementary schools in Asbury Park, NJ. All equipment is provided by Skatetime USA, Virginia, including quad skates, helmets, knee, elbow and wrist pads, and a tested and approved skating curriculum.   Kids start by learning how to put on safety and skating equipment and learn how to stand, fall, balance, take small steps and stop on an area rug before they ever place a skate on the gym floor.  

This PE program has been done at several other local schools and Farmingdale Public School, which hosted the pilot School Health Council in 2011, is now funding this skating program for their students as they have been so pleased by the skills, both physical and social, that their children have learned. “It’s such an unusual gym curriculum that kids pay attention and are excited about gym and following their teacher’s directions so they can skate” says Lisa Lee who is working to start School Health Councils in more schools in Monmouth County. “It’s also a great workout and fun! ”  

The Monmouth County Health Department has started School Health Councils at the Bradley and Thurgood Marshall elementary schools as part of their “Action for Fitness in Monmouth County” program which is focused on increasing the amount of physical activity for students, staff and families in schools and improving nutrition education with a focus on reducing pediatric obesity.   The Monmouth County Health Department is working with a Shaping NJ Healthy Communities Grant and has started SHCs at Farmingdale School and Belmar Public School in recent years.   Partners involved with this effort include the Community YMCA, Meridian Healthcare, Asbury Park Mayor Myra Campbell, Farmingdale SHC and others. For more info, contact Lisa Lee at 732-431-7456 or

Asbury Park 4th graders learn to skate


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