Reach for the Gold!




gl7Eatontown Recreation has launched a new program called the Golden Laces Campaign in which residents receive a pair of athletic shoe laces for free. In this campaign, residents receive a pair of “Golden Laces” when signing up and attending a class. The classes residents can choose from include a free historic walking tour as part of the “Be Historically Fit” program. Residents are given a map with historical landmark information that guides them through a self-guided historic tour through Eatontown. Other classes offered are Low Impact Aerobics, Parent & Me Yoga, Training for the 5K/Fitness Walk, Vinyasa Yoga, Women’s Tennis, and Zumba.

Eatontown Recreation believes there are many factors that lead to achieving wellness. The goal is to start a Borough wide initiative that can lead to a happier and healthier community. Eatontown Recreation wants to give away as many sets of shoe laces as there are residents. The attached pictures include the Eatontown Community Center Preschool receiving there Golden Laces after completing a Zumba class. Eatontown Recreation believes that these special laces will aid in town-wide recognition of our new wellness initiative, reaching all generations.

Why not reach for the Gold?


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