UrbanPromise Garden on Track!

Spring is in full swing and so is the school garden at UrbanPromise. Their peas and radishes from March are growing rapidly and should be ready to harvest by the end of month!  This coming Friday, our second graders and middle school science classes will be seeding and transplanting the remaining summer crops, including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, and corn. Students will learn about companion planting with a fun game and apply the principles to the garden itself. During the workshop, students will also help weed, water, and brainstorm art projects they’d like to incorporate at the garden.

Meanwhile, students saw the incredible edible addition of 25 blueberries!  More fruit trees are on their way, plus a bordering fence that will be accented with nothing better than blackberries and raspberries.  A tea and herb garden is in the works as well.

Thanks to some hardworking high school students, the garden now has a multi-bin compost system.  When organic matter is piled up in these bins, water, aeration, worms, fungi, and bacteria will break down the material over time. The bins will be used not only for waste from the school yard and garden, but for food scraps from the cafeteria as well. Collecting and composting these materials will help reduce waste sent to landfills and cut down on trash maintenance, all the while generating nutrient-rich fertilizer to supplement the garden grounds.Image


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