“Patience is a Virtue”

Now that the earth has lost its frosty white coating, giving way to the promise of spring, seedlings are now bursting upward towards the warmth of the sun. The old saying “patience is a virtue” applies to gardeners who get the itch to garden when temperatures warm up in the spring

I wonder what will be creeping up this trellis in the next few weeks...

I wonder what will be creeping up this trellis in the next few weeks…

. The temperature is warming up in Bloomfield and we now have the ability to enjoy our lovely gardens and our gardeners have the itch! It is amazing to see what we have done so far this year. The plots at the Bloomfield Community gardens are in progress and just about all spoken for this year. We had a nice turn out on opening day despite the dreary winter like morning that still lurked in the air. Sarah spoke to our eager gardeners about basic gardening tips and the rules of the community garden.

Starting seeds can be frustrating, exhilarating or sometimes both. To assist our gardeners this year we used a small portion of the grant funds to purchase a wide variety of seedlings for our gardeners.

What's left over of the seedlings that gardeners were given

What’s left over of the seedlings that gardeners were given

The vegetable and herb seedlings were purchased from a local garden center and delivered to Oakeside Cultural Center last week. Just in time for Mother’s Day!! Sarah sent a friendly email to all of our registered gardeners letting them know the seedlings are free and available for planting. The remaining seedlings will be donated to a local food bank. In addition, we purchased a large “Community Gardens” sign for Oakeside to make it easier for all to see. The sign has been installed on the fence facing a major thoroughfare in Bloomfield to help bring more awareness to our beautiful gardens. If you are in the area take a quick look at the sign and pay special attention to the bottom right side where our Bloomfield Health Dept. logo is placed! Happy Gardening!


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