Raritan Valley YMCA’s Complete Healthy Vending Guide

The Raritan Valley YMCA’s healthy vending guide is complete! Now we need your help!

Do you have a vendor to share this guide with? Is there a school, community center or other building which you frequent that has unhealthy vending? Speak or write to administrator, and make sure they have a copy of the Healthy Vending Guide! Direct them to RaritanValleyYMCA.org, so they can contact us and find ways to improve their vending. Now that the guide is complete, we are working on distribution and meeting with vendors and vending providers. You can find the guide right here!

[the Healthy Vending Guide cover]

[the Healthy Vending Guide cover]

It is a complete package that explains the healthy vending philosophy and how to get your local agencies and businesses to adopt a healthy vending policy and practice. Review the packet to learn about the 3 levels of vending, suggested vending choices and tiers of engagement. Most importantly, the guide includes a list of healthy vendors (Healthy You Vending, H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending, Fresh Healthy Vending, Grow Healthy Vending) and products complete with nutritional information.

You may also apply this vending information to school, sports, and community concessions stands. What are youngsters and families eating at the sports snack shack or table? Anything healthy? Despite popular myths, low cost, high profit sales margins can be maintained while selecting and selling healthier food products. Lastly, what is the image and values that should be projected in vending? Is lowering a child’s health worth ten cents more profit on one snack? Or does promoting healthy choices raise your reputation, and profit, in the long run?


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