The most recent Shaping Bergen event left K.T., a BCTS high school student, smiling!

On April 11th 2014, KT was one of thirty-two (32) students from the Bergen County Technical High School (BCTS) in Paramus to join students from the Bergen County Special Services School District (BCSS) in the schools 7th annual roll-a-thon. BCTS high school students paired with younger special education students from the Bleshman and Washington @ Paramus Schools to walk, roll and bike around the Paramus campus while raising fun and funds for the Elk’s organization.

image3aimage 1a

This year’s Roll-A-Thon raised over $1,800.00 that will help send three BCSS students from the Bleshman School to Camp Moore. According to one BCTS student, participation in this event was “an eye-opening experience that taught me a valuable lesson that I will treasure forever.”


The Roll-A-Thon was followed by a Tailgate Party celebrating the opening of baseball season and the President’s Fitness Challenge. Special guests included Grand Marshal, Joan Fragala, BCSS Board of Education President; Maureen Kuchar, BCSS Board of Education; Joan M. Voss, Vice Chairwoman Board of Chosen Freeholders; Kathleen Donovan, Bergen County Executive; Paul Voss; Marc Schrieks, Mayor of Lodi; Lisa Porfido, Bergen County Police; Bill Peppard, Bergen County Police; Mark Vangieri, Program Planning Manager Bergen County Utilities Authority; Angela Bonanno-Lynch, Education & Technical Advisor Bergen County Utilities Authority; Linda Morehouse, Supervising Environmental Health Specialist, Bergen County Health Services; Winnie Asa-Awuku, Bergen County Health Services.

image 5

The impact on BCTS students was heartfelt. “I loved the look on their faces.”                 said T.M., a  BCTS student,  “It brought tears to my eyes!”


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