Yum to Come!

Big changes are happening in Trenton – salad bars and fresh fruits & veggies are in high demand!

This year, 9 of the 15 elementary schools in the District are applying for the Fresh Fruits and Veggies Grant, which will bring healthier snacks to their students at times other than breakfast and lunch.  While we celebrate the opportunity for our elementary school students we do not want to forget the importance of fresh fruit and veggies for our teenagers! The salad bar that will be installed at Trenton Central High School-West will be the fourth salad bar we’ve provided to the district in two years.  This healthy food movement changing our districts culture for the better – the importance of having healthy food for students to eat, both for their health and their academic performance, is being recognized!


The New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids – Trenton had its very first District Wellness Committee meeting on April 11th.  The Committee aims to pass a District-Wide wellness policy to foster a health-centric culture within Trenton public schools.  To start off, they’ve created a survey that will capture each schools readiness and ability to implement more physical activity and increase the consumption of healthy foods.  This idea took off quickly, and the following Monday, the Committee met with the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Office to present their idea for the survey, as well as discuss the creation and adoption of a district wellness policy.  It was well-received, and later this week, they will receive feedback on the survey.  The first reading of the proposed District Wellness Policy will be later this month.


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