Healthy Cooking Suggestions from Shop Rite

Our weekly fruit, vegetable and bread distribution continues to go on without a hitch.  Our strong volunteer base is the key to each day.  From picking up the produce and bread to setting everything up at the church to the final clean-up.  The actual distribution takes less than 5 minutes.  After everything is set and ready to go Gabriela our coordinator directs seniors and pregnant women to pick out their produce first because once she lets everyone begin it’s a quick grab and stuff for the rest of the group.  We’ve never timed it, but I’m confident it’s less than 1 minute and all the boxes are emptied.   Afterwards everyone stays to help clean up the church, fold up boxes and sweep the floor.

Our activity for the month was a martial arts demonstration for the children with a mini class that followed.  There was a lot of giggling and having a good time as the instructors let the children use the soft hit pads to practice their newly learned skills.

Additionally, we arranged to have our local Shop Rite nutritionist come in with some tools for healthy cooking options, and healthy snacks.  She always comes with lots of good healthy treats and information for the whole family.

Contact Kristen Heimall at Hunterdon County YMCA for more information.

May Post - Martial Arts 2 May Post - Shop Rite Nutrition


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