Let the Good Times Bowl!

The members of our Adult Program at the Borough of Eatontown love to stay active and have fun at the same time. While utilizing the community center room where most of the adult programs are held, these residents participate in the growing number of programs offered. Such programs include Low Impact Aerobics, Healthy Bones, and Zumba.

Members also like leaving the building to participate in sports and other fitness activities. Our adult members enjoy such activities as walking or mini golf. As seen in these pictures, a favorite trip of these members is to go bowling.

The nostalgia of lacing up bowling shoes and hearing the “kaboom” of pins falling from a strike are the reasons most of these residents have been coming back every month. Not to mention the bowling center plays all the ‘hits’ dating back to the 50s, making sitting still between turns hard to do. Between bopping and grooving to the beats and laughing at the strikes (or gutter balls!) who knew keeping active could be so enjoyable? Our offsite bowling program is a prime example of keeping adults active in a social setting.

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So, ‘spare’ us any excuse as to why fitness cannot be fun! As our residents like to say… Let the Good Times Bowl!


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