Diving Into Ideas


With ideas shaping up, The YMCA of Gloucester County and the Woodbury school district are ready to expand the healthy living experience to the children in the area.  The YMCA of Gloucester County and Woodbury school district are collaborating ideas in hopes of offering students the opportunity to be a part of an after-school aquatics program. This would benefit students who may not have the opportunity to learn how to swim and to also expand their knowledge of water safety.

Wanting to guarantee interest in this program the school district of Woodbury will be sending out a survey to the students and their parents… asking questions about the child’s swim level, interest in the program & also to find out if they own bathing suits.

To ensure that all of the students that are interested in participating in this after-school aquatics program are able to participate, we brainstormed ideas on what would steer children away from this program; with the main concern being … do these children have the means to participate in this program?

With over half of the students in the Woodbury school district on reduced lunches, we want to guarantee every student who participates has a bathing suit and towel. The YMCA of Gloucester County is planning a bathing suit and towel drive to help out families that may not be able to afford these items.  More information about the drive will be available to the public by the time of the YMCA of Gloucester County’s Healthy Kids Day on April 26th.

If you are interested in donating a bathing suit and/or towel, please contact: Tish Davis, tdavis@ymcagloco.org


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