Spring into Health!

We are gearing up to begin planning for the development of a school wellness policy designed to guide the Saint John the Apostle School community in Clark. A wellness policy will help to clearly define the school’s role in promoting healthy living, and preventing childhood obesity. Through the maintenance of a healthy school environment, our hope is that students, faculty and families will be better equipped to meet nutritional and physical activity goals.
The policy will specifically address St. Johns, making appropriate recommendations and specifications and communicating that information out to faculty, parents and guardians. Parents, teachers, school health professionals and administrative staff will all be able to provide support while participating in the development, review and implementation of the policy resulting in greater buy-in towards protecting the health and future of the students.
Accompanied with structured recess activities that follow guidelines of the CATCH program, the students will be engaged in developing healthier eating and exercise habits. We anticipate this comprehensive approach to promoting health and wellness will result in improved overall health, improved learning and students that are better equipped to be successful in school. On May 19th we will be presenting our strategy and goals to the parents and faculty of the school at their general meeting, and hope to roll out our plan in September 2014 with the new school year.


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