Living Faith the Healthy Way

The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School advocates for legal,regulatory, and policy reform to improve the health of under served populations with a focus on the needs of low income people living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. The recently published PATHS: Providing Access to Healthy Solutions of March 2014, focuses on Diabetes.

They included a segment regarding Complete Streets and promoted how physical activity is a crucial factor in decreasing obesity and also type 2 diabetes. We are happy that the Complete Streets Policy is in alignment with a national campaign that will help to combat obesity!

The second part of our grant focuses on our faith based champion, Selinette Bordoy, who has done tremendous work with her place of worship, The Living Faith Alliance Church of Vineland. She started her faith-based work by implementing the program “Living Faith the Healthy Way”and broke it down into three separate phases thus far. The current phase is “Living Faith the Healthy Way: The Movement Edition”.

A few of our Living Faith Alliance Church members staying active and enjoying some fun in the sun!

A few of our Living Faith Alliance Church members staying active and enjoying some fun in the sun!

We are enhancing the access to healthy food and physical activity within our parish and community. Instead of consuming sweets and pastries after church, we offer water and healthier snacks. By cooking demonstrations, members are ultimately changing their environment by taking the time to cook from scratch instead of buying prepackaged meals. We encourage and hold prayer walks, bike to church with our children in a bike seat, and move in our class while reviewing learned verses. There is a new found awareness of learning/following Jesus in our food and exercise.

Selinette stated “This program is about following Jesus into every part of our lives. We were taught and now it’s our job to teach others, just like the disciples would”.

Stay tuned to see the next phase of our Living Faith the Healthy Way program!


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