Healthy Vending Guide Leads to Better Choices

Stay tuned for the Raritan Valley YMCA’s healthy vending guide!  We have assembled a complete package that explains the healthy vending philosophy and how to get your local agencies and businesses to adopt a healthy vending policy and practice.


In final review stages, this packet is complete with suggested vending choices and tiers of engagement.  Most importantly, the guide includes a list of healthy vendors (Healthy You Vending, H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending, Fresh Healthy Vending, Grow Healthy Vending) and products complete with nutritional information.

The YMCA is also in the process of signing on its partners for joint use agreements. Our goal is service to the underserved and enabling access that these groups do not usually have.  In addition to adding to our list of youth groups, we are engaging in a relationship with a local health center and hospital to serve adults with diabetes and chronic disease with a physical activity outlet!


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